Gumbo to Geaux / Roux Carre

Etricia is expanding from food truck to restaurant!
Help us have an amazing place in Calera!


A full-service restaurant!

  • Gumbo to Geaux is going from successful food truck to full-service restaurant in Calera, AL!

  • Owner Etricia’s amazing food has won Best Bite of the Night in Taste of Pelham, Best Gumbo-Professional Division at the Gumbo Gala, and Best Burger at 1st Friday Calera.

  • You can invest for as little as $100 and be repaid overtime with interest.

Etricia is expanding from food truck to restaurant!

Gumbo to Geaux serves freshly-prepared, restaurant-quality food from a food truck. Sure, there are wing trucks, taco trucks, and treat trucks, but Gumbo to Geaux is a rolling restaurant serving pasta, shrimp and grits, Creole gumbo, red beans and rice, and award-winning burgers. Gumbo to Geaux is one of the best food trucks in the Birmingham area.
In addition to the food truck, Gumbo to Geaux is a full-service catering service that focuses on corporate lunch catering during the week and special event catering on the weekend including weddings, birthdays, and social events. Gumbo to Geaux provides venue selection, bar services, event planning, and event staging services. All these services will be offered at Roux Carre but in a restaurant with a full-service bar.

Meet Etricia

Southern Louisiana cuisine is bold, a little spicy, and loved by everyone

Owner and Chef

Born in Natchez, MS, and growing up in Baton Rouge, chef Etricia is a daughter of the South. She jokes that she is from Highway 61 which runs from Natchez down through New Orleans. Classically trained at Culinard and home-trained by her grandmother Sadie, she has flavor in her blood. Chef Etricia has always been passionate about making great food, owning a private chef company early in her career and a previous restaurant named 122 Tree Lane.

All her endeavors have been Southern-style cuisine with a big punch of Creole traditional cooking. Serving up her award-winning gumbo, self-named Pasta Tricie, and boasting one of the best Shrimp and Grits served in the Birmingham area from her food truck, Etricia has decided it's time again to bring all these flavors to a brick-and-mortar location in the heart of Calera, AL. Reopening a full-service restaurant has been a dream for Chef Etricia. 122 Tree Lane was the first restaurant she opened, but due to her mother's health issues, 122 Tree Lane was closed to allow her to go back to Baton Rouge to care for her mother until she passed. Chef Etricia moved back to Alabama and waited on the perfect opportunity to reopen her restaurant. Calera is this perfect opportunity.

Gumbo to Geaux Cajun Creole Style Food Catering

Bringing her personality and cuisine to Calera is a winning combination.


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